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Chocolate Marshmallows
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Wouldn't it be ironic if we were made of iron? 
14th-Nov-2008 09:08 pm

Erm *coughs* Sorry for the absence!I'm just too much of the "appears once in a neon pink moon" type.(Pfff I jest.I'm just not counting  mytests.And that my computer is being a freak.And-- KARMA ASIDE.) But I swear I've been watching you guys!Silently.In the shadows. (By the way,the panties from yesterday didn't suit you at all.)

See,it's one of these times I spent so much...time loafing around and doing tons of things that I just can't make sense out of my tangled happy babblings not even in my head. Let's go by topics!

Va..vacations!!At least--! *joyful tears* Changing schools this year was a total mess for me,but my grades were good.The only outrageous one was physics,I even thought I'd have to do these tests for when you can't reach the minimum points.Turned out I didn't have to do it at all, but I did it anyway :BB Man, I'm glad I didn't need to.Talk about a DESPAIR indulging test.But,solving it knowing my grade didn't matter?Pure bliss.I suck at choosing answers at random but I did this to a few questions with peace of mind.

Visual Novels
Why yes,I do feel the need to make even a bigger geek of myself.So about two days ago I went on a visual novel/otome games/bishoujo games crusade.My plan at first was getting the more well known ones which anime adaptations I haven't even seen yet (Tsukihime and Fate/Stay for instance) but I ended up getting the lesser known niche ones.STUPID BRAIN.I must have some kind of underground likings syndrome,geez.Anyway!The ones I did play were AA+,I really liked ZigZag studio's style,their way of writing crazy folks is very grabbing.Out of their works my favorites were [Ballad of an Evening Butterfly] and [40 days and 40 nights of rain].40d'n'40n is a more straightforward story with an atmosphere that really reminded me of [True Remembrance],Kyrie is made of adorable and awesome.Yacho on the other hand is pure mind drilling with creepy people everywhere.I still can't look straight at butterflies beause of it |Db Yoru from BEB is love. He's one of the few  "emotionless type" (Not without the obligatory quirks,of course!) characters that actually got to me,his dialogue is so great.

- Games
I got Baroque last week!Most (...Fine,all.) of the reviews pretty much stab the thing in every way possible but I had to give it a chance because Sting is one of my homies,yo.And I..actually adored it. 
C'mon!You're some mute kid suddenly in a crazy post-apocalyptical world with funky people everywhere and some archangel fop bossing you around in horribly hard sadistical dungeons!How can that not be fun?Seriously not being sarcastic here.The potential hilarity for the "YOU get better,not your character" is the best.I am had a lot of epic failures so far and it's so entertaining.The cruelty of the whole thing also adds to it!I mean,when you die in-dungeon the game is kinda like "INCOMPETENT MORON GB2STRT" and kicks you back to level 1(...and takes all your items!)

On second thought,yes it does sound pretty terrible.But believe me,hindering the Archangel by getting yourself killed on purpose pays it off.I died 60 times in a row just to see what he had to say,and it was always giggle worthy. ("I praise you,I yell at you,does nothing work?","Just...Go.Go Go Go Go Go Go Go!","Do you want to sing a song with me?I joke.I have the joke or else I'll go crazy.") The story itself is very interesting too,specially for obsessive ones like me who like to learn about the character's pasts and bits about the setting's backstory.The relationships are all very interesting too just as it's amusing how everone is mad ,without realizing or even caring about it.Do give the game a chance!

AAAH yes,the japanese fandom for it also is so very satisfying.Niconico even has a carameldansen,a caipirinha and a Danjo *loves*

...! Danjo!  dan dan jo dan jo!

Talking about danjos, I didn't forget the Odin Sphere one! In spite of my  zombie slumber I'm actually working on it :') If you ever make a danjo yourself listen to my words DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT LOOPING THE SONG ;O; eats away your soul.

Et Ceteras
Because of nandinha_s</lj> 's  tenis posts I can't not glance at tenis news when I see then now :B Talk about a sport with pretty people.
Hnnnn I'm innerly debating about getting in some new animes.It's been a while since I watched anything actually!My last one was Neuro.Soul Eater is really luring me so I'll probably try it.And I'm still reading Bakuman jsdlgkj 

HETALIA IS BECOMING HARDER AND HARDER TO RESIST (Russia picked my interest.And Hungary is such a cutie and-huuffff) Must.overcome.lazyness.

I'd keep going about games but talking about it later sounds better.My mind is made of walls of text.For now I'll just say Professor Layton is an adorable, sadistic little game , I paid my tongue for not thinking much of TWEWY and Apollo Justice (although naruhobo still gets a jumbo "D:" from me and and must talk about delicious Ema later.It's eerily amusing how I might become just like her minus the delicious),Duel Love is utterly hilarious.

Lacking willpower to dump scribbles and spazz about more mind washing vocaloid music but I shall return.

now off replaying mothers to play mother 3~ 
18th-Nov-2008 08:53 pm (UTC)
Isn't Fate/Stay Night a hentai game? I guess you didn't lose much starting with the less known ones. But the anime is quite enjoyable, there's crazy-full-of-magic fights and all the catastrophic-dark style of games... I liked. =B

Tennis is like a real life's shoujo manga. HAHAHAHAHA And it's exciting, I swear! I shall bring everyone to the marvelous world of pretty boys with a racket! The tennis love shall spread like a virus and... Well. Ahem.

Soul Eater is kinda... idiotic. =B But, you know, like all the idiotics manga in the world, it kinda makes you want to continue reading. I don't know, it's inexplicable!
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