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Chocolate Marshmallows
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4th-Mar-2009 08:28 pm
ic, lisa

....There's a mutant fungus thing on my arm.I thought it was just ringworm but google isn't the best medical help so I'll be checking a doctor in a week or two before a tree grows there or I need to cut my arm off.There's been a creepy influx of amputation news around these days.

last.fm is kind of awesome.The first two days I was all "oh god, i feel so musically stalked ;__;" then the rec function got neat.My taste in music is a huge mess! According to the site i'm some kind of dancing soundtrackin' indie nerd but that actually is about right.The whole "indie" thing still doesn't make sense to me if anything.It's...a bunch of people trying to be different but actually grouping into liking the same thing (?!) and independent artists.(does this even make a difference?)

These aside! I finally forced myself to upload some drawings. I'm still a doodler but I think I'm on the average/slightly-past-mediocre fence.My improvement frequency is weird and non-linear.

Most are unfinished because SAI is cursed and crashes on me way too often.
No order in particular! :

Grab-a-bunny! Cats are too last century, Alice!

Shaymin gijinka. The dogish new form and the DP Adventure manga convinced me to think something of it besides "walking bush".

blood tears
computer has died two times trying to finish that
stupid damned oswald


Eriel's adorable when her mouth is shut.Hahaha I do realize how weird the legs are on the first one, I wanna finish the whole thing soon.

> Crush
> Smash
> Eat
> Pet

Choose wisely.

Cornelius is my hug boy. I feel bad for how unpopular they are in comparison to everyone else :'D 

There's a bunch more but lj is too slow and my energy burst died.Alas.

Changed the layout to cheer things up a bit! The brown was gettin' too dead.
(Deleted comment)
7th-Mar-2009 12:31 am (UTC)
Thanks!! |D It doesn't take much effort to make'em cuties though, comes naturally when you're a little girl/bunny-boy.
7th-Mar-2009 12:51 am (UTC)
PLUS! It bothered me for the longest time how Alice's hair is so...Cornelius.I got kinda sad realizing she can't possibly be his lovelovechild so I needed to draw them being cute together to console my deluded self---!!
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