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Chocolate Marshmallows
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“Dude. You’re wearing gloves. You can’t wash your hands.” 
23rd-Jan-2009 11:33 pm

I've been investing wasting way too much time lurking bad_sonic_fics . If you're at least a liiittle bit familiar with Sonic, permanent brain damage  laughs are granted. Ahh, one of the joys of big fandoms. (Not as if every small fandom is untainted, let's say. I've seen some shady stuff in my time.)
No.Really.Chaos Emerald crack.Gangsta Knucles.Chaos with tentacles. (?!)

Tails used to be my favorite character ever when I was 5 and was just all "foxy! :D".The more you know! I still adore him.Haven't played a sonic in a while,though. All I know through TV Tropes and Let's Play is that at least Sonic 2006 had some crowning narm. ( DON'T TOUCH IT! )

This post is utterly random anyway so I can't not share some Eternal Poison silliness.
Remember the Olifen I talked about?This blond guy. Seems like a serious, devoted-to-duty commander ready to mincemeat some monsters and save his princess right?! WRONG. At least the serious part.

I LOVE THE REFUGEES. (For reference: Papa Taro. )

Olifen: I'm glad you're okay, but you should really get some rest. (...)
Papa Taro: Never! (...) Training! Practice! Exercise! Those would do me some good!
Olifen: One day's rest isn't going to hurt.
Papa Taro: You're no knight. You're softy! A cream puff!
Olifen: I can overlook "softy," but you need to take back the "cream puff"!
Papa Taro: Oh yeah!? What are you going to do with those skinny arms and flabby thighs?
Olifen: Flabby thighs!? I shall show you the powerful physique under my uniform!
Papa Taro: (LAUGH) HAHAHAHAHAHA! You don't have what it takes to undress right in-- WHAT!?
Papa Taro: Y-you're right!There's not an ounce of flab anywhere! Excellent muscle tone!
Papa Taro:  WOAH! Look at that calf muscle! Please, tell me your secret! I have to know!
Papa Taro: How did-- Hey,what's that? Oh my...Is that what I think it is!?
Olifen: Behold,perfection!
Papa Taro: (Hoo) I apologize for doubting your physique. Please, take this.
Olifen: HAHAHAHAHA! Who's the cream puff now!?
Papa Taro: I must go train...

(This seriously is a transcript.)
By the way, the game's crossdresser fooled me....I was so sure I was immune to these by now.  D: There goes my High Score. (Wh-what,Seiko hadn't gotten me! For long.)
5th-Feb-2009 07:37 am (UTC)
Oh my, I missed Papa Taro for bad!!! I've never think that Olifen has an inner personality...like that^^;
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