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13th-Oct-2015 12:31 am - HELLO BARREN LANDS
I logged back in here after a nostalgia trip
Is anyone still around? God it's been so long that it seriously took me a while to find the update button.

I can't even remember why everyone disbanded LJ in the first place. I do remember dreamwitdh and insane journal being common alternatives for migrations, but my memory is foggy as to why that was necessary in the first place...

I've been hanging around tumblr but it doesn't quite fill the void LJ left. It's rather impossible to actually hold discussion or befriend people over there without asking them for further contact options (skype et cetera) and not everyone is comfortable giving away that sort of info, so I find it quite difficult to actually interact with people. I feel like tumblrs are big bulletin boards that scream "THIS IS THE STUFF I LIKE!!!!!!!!" but don't really give room for...contact.

I don't know, maybe I'm just getting old and crazy

I've been watching Miraculous Ladybug recently and it basically makes me feel as giddy as a teenager again and maybe that's why I'm here in the first place. Go watch it, there is a cat boy and it's the best thing.

I don't think I'll go back to posting here regularly, but I'm glad I got it out of my system now
26th-Dec-2009 06:15 pm - Res ipsa loquitr

            ...sed qui in infernos dicit?
4th-Mar-2009 08:28 pm - Boing Boing
ic, lisa

....There's a mutant fungus thing on my arm.I thought it was just ringworm but google isn't the best medical help so I'll be checking a doctor in a week or two before a tree grows there or I need to cut my arm off.There's been a creepy influx of amputation news around these days.

last.fm is kind of awesome.The first two days I was all "oh god, i feel so musically stalked ;__;" then the rec function got neat.My taste in music is a huge mess! According to the site i'm some kind of dancing soundtrackin' indie nerd but that actually is about right.The whole "indie" thing still doesn't make sense to me if anything.It's...a bunch of people trying to be different but actually grouping into liking the same thing (?!) and independent artists.(does this even make a difference?)

These aside! I finally forced myself to upload some drawings. I'm still a doodler but I think I'm on the average/slightly-past-mediocre fence.My improvement frequency is weird and non-linear.
Heavy.Panda Heavy.Collapse )

Changed the layout to cheer things up a bit! The brown was gettin' too dead.

I've been investing wasting way too much time lurking bad_sonic_fics . If you're at least a liiittle bit familiar with Sonic, permanent brain damage  laughs are granted. Ahh, one of the joys of big fandoms. (Not as if every small fandom is untainted, let's say. I've seen some shady stuff in my time.)
No.Really.Chaos Emerald crack.Gangsta Knucles.Chaos with tentacles. (?!)

Tails used to be my favorite character ever when I was 5 and was just all "foxy! :D".The more you know! I still adore him.Haven't played a sonic in a while,though. All I know through TV Tropes and Let's Play is that at least Sonic 2006 had some crowning narm. ( DON'T TOUCH IT! )

This post is utterly random anyway so I can't not share some Eternal Poison silliness.
Remember the Olifen I talked about?This blond guy. Seems like a serious, devoted-to-duty commander ready to mincemeat some monsters and save his princess right?! WRONG. At least the serious part.

I LOVE THE REFUGEES. (For reference: Papa Taro. )

Spoilery, in a way.Collapse )
By the way, the game's crossdresser fooled me....I was so sure I was immune to these by now.  D: There goes my High Score. (Wh-what,Seiko hadn't gotten me! For long.)
17th-Jan-2009 07:24 pm - Anook Anook!
ALRIGHT, finally recovering my will to live. No, I don't mean it on the depressed way, I mean the lazy-to-exist way. The last time I even got out of my house was like, four days ago. Which was my birthday! I'm getting older, yayz. I'm feeling myself bothering less and less about these things over the years,though. I used to countdown my birthday obsesively starting from november :V This year a friend had to go "HEY it's your birthday tomorrow!" for me to even remember.

Photobucket is being a slug so I'll post the aforementioned drawings later.I'm trying to finish things up more but my coloring needs lots of work.Shading is beyond being a pain.

But! My birthday was in fact awesome.I'm usually a year late for everything but my parents got Persona 4 for me.Need I even say it's awesome and love and and.I got Eternal Poison,too! (though I still think "Poison Pink" sounds catchier.) The game has such pretty art. Just glancing the box I KNEW I knew the style but couldn't quite put my finger on it. :B Turns out it's tomatika.I had seen some fanart from him before, but his drawings still look like a mix of George Kamitani's and toi08's artwork to me.Wouldn't be surprised if someone among these three indeed got inspiration off the other.

I've been more aware of Voice Actors/Seiyuus lately, so some lulz have been popping out of nowhere. i.e Jin on Duel Love is voiced by Daisuke Namikawa, as are P4's protagonist, Cornelius and some kid from Tenipuri. Yuri Lowenthal is another one haunting me. My mind is breaking hearing him in both Eternal Poison and Persona 4.

As of gaming progress,I'm nearing Thage's ending and finished Olifen's story in Eternal Poison.Dude, I don't know why but Olifen is my favorite.He's such an adorable dork.Even after his princess gave him an epic turn down he still goes on and on with "PRINCESSS MY LOVE WHERE ART THOU".He kinda is what Ar Tonelico tried to accomplish with Lyner, minus being annoying.

Aaaaand, I just got to Kanji's dungeon on P4.Yosuke is hilarious.Chie is cute.Yukiko's laughing hyena fits reminds me of myself :B the innuendo,intentional or not, is blasting. I already have the culprit spoiled but that doesn't make the game any less fun.

More randomly at last, I watched Michiko to Hatchin up the latest episode.It's so absurd it's FREAKING AWESOME.Michiko is totally cool.Drunk hatchin was certainly remarkable.

and seriously,nothing pays being able to catch on stuff like this.
( /SAP: Michiko had told Hatchin she had written a letter saying what kind of thing she(Hatchin) likes to eat,etcetera...and then the letter is all "Eats anything,if you don't keep an eye on her,even trash. 8D")

I have a feeling I just sabotaged myself on EP and am walking towards Thage's bad ending :'DD...damn you game! Why do they always wait for you to mess up to give tips away?!
7th-Jan-2009 01:36 am - Lazy
so lazy
I'm not that active by default, but vacations make it even worse. I'm alive though! Will update this entry later with a sketch dump, it's been a while.
7th-Dec-2008 12:35 pm - Old Passions
YAY, bishop
I was gonna say I finally bough Persona 3 as in,the actual game instead of looping the soundtrack or wanting to see the hundred adaptations and I'm loving it but forget that.
Nothing to see here.NOTHING,I SAID.Collapse )

On a side note,still reading Bakuman.It feels like Obata is fooling around with the style every new chapter! On the latest one Saiko's uncle suddenly became pretty and that Eiji guy looks much less bizarre than his debut self.The plot is nothing to write home about though I'm still waiting a black notebook to fall somewhere. Eiji obviously is a "HAH! LOOK WHAT A QUIRKY GENTLEMAN WE HAVE." Swing and miss team O&O,swing and miss.

24th-Nov-2008 02:19 pm - Voyeur Aliens
It's late,very late.Past midnight.
A survival horror's soundtrack plays casually on the background.
You stand up lazily to brush your teeth.
You lift your eyes to the mirror and-
...is something over there?
You look over your shoulders.
You see it.

Hello there earthling chap!Collapse )
Got myself a twitter.My thoughts usually flow on one line babbles so it's being easy to keep so far.Totally great for last minute vents when there's no one else to poke around.

Edit: AHAHAHAHA OH GOD A FAVORITA ON FANDOMSECRETS!!!(number 143) I never ever expected to see a secret about it there.Oh,OP,worry not,we all see the subtext. Eu sempre soube que a Stela ia só no sapatinho.

Erm *coughs* Sorry for the absence!I'm just too much of the "appears once in a neon pink moon" type.(Pfff I jest.I'm just not counting  mytests.And that my computer is being a freak.And-- KARMA ASIDE.) But I swear I've been watching you guys!Silently.In the shadows. (By the way,the panties from yesterday didn't suit you at all.)

See,it's one of these times I spent so much...time loafing around and doing tons of things that I just can't make sense out of my tangled happy babblings not even in my head. Let's go by topics!

Va..vacations!!At least--! *joyful tears* Changing schools this year was a total mess for me,but my grades were good.The only outrageous one was physics,I even thought I'd have to do these tests for when you can't reach the minimum points.Turned out I didn't have to do it at all, but I did it anyway :BB Man, I'm glad I didn't need to.Talk about a DESPAIR indulging test.But,solving it knowing my grade didn't matter?Pure bliss.I suck at choosing answers at random but I did this to a few questions with peace of mind.

Visual Novels
Why yes,I do feel the need to make even a bigger geek of myself.So about two days ago I went on a visual novel/otome games/bishoujo games crusade.My plan at first was getting the more well known ones which anime adaptations I haven't even seen yet (Tsukihime and Fate/Stay for instance) but I ended up getting the lesser known niche ones.STUPID BRAIN.I must have some kind of underground likings syndrome,geez.Anyway!The ones I did play were AA+,I really liked ZigZag studio's style,their way of writing crazy folks is very grabbing.Out of their works my favorites were [Ballad of an Evening Butterfly] and [40 days and 40 nights of rain].40d'n'40n is a more straightforward story with an atmosphere that really reminded me of [True Remembrance],Kyrie is made of adorable and awesome.Yacho on the other hand is pure mind drilling with creepy people everywhere.I still can't look straight at butterflies beause of it |Db Yoru from BEB is love. He's one of the few  "emotionless type" (Not without the obligatory quirks,of course!) characters that actually got to me,his dialogue is so great.

- Games
I got Baroque last week!Most (...Fine,all.) of the reviews pretty much stab the thing in every way possible but I had to give it a chance because Sting is one of my homies,yo.And I..actually adored it. 
C'mon!You're some mute kid suddenly in a crazy post-apocalyptical world with funky people everywhere and some archangel fop bossing you around in horribly hard sadistical dungeons!How can that not be fun?Seriously not being sarcastic here.The potential hilarity for the "YOU get better,not your character" is the best.I am had a lot of epic failures so far and it's so entertaining.The cruelty of the whole thing also adds to it!I mean,when you die in-dungeon the game is kinda like "INCOMPETENT MORON GB2STRT" and kicks you back to level 1(...and takes all your items!)

On second thought,yes it does sound pretty terrible.But believe me,hindering the Archangel by getting yourself killed on purpose pays it off.I died 60 times in a row just to see what he had to say,and it was always giggle worthy. ("I praise you,I yell at you,does nothing work?","Just...Go.Go Go Go Go Go Go Go!","Do you want to sing a song with me?I joke.I have the joke or else I'll go crazy.") The story itself is very interesting too,specially for obsessive ones like me who like to learn about the character's pasts and bits about the setting's backstory.The relationships are all very interesting too just as it's amusing how everone is mad ,without realizing or even caring about it.Do give the game a chance!

AAAH yes,the japanese fandom for it also is so very satisfying.Niconico even has a carameldansen,a caipirinha and a Danjo *loves*

...! Danjo!  dan dan jo dan jo!

Talking about danjos, I didn't forget the Odin Sphere one! In spite of my  zombie slumber I'm actually working on it :') If you ever make a danjo yourself listen to my words DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT LOOPING THE SONG ;O; eats away your soul.

Et Ceteras
Because of nandinha_s</lj> 's  tenis posts I can't not glance at tenis news when I see then now :B Talk about a sport with pretty people.
Hnnnn I'm innerly debating about getting in some new animes.It's been a while since I watched anything actually!My last one was Neuro.Soul Eater is really luring me so I'll probably try it.And I'm still reading Bakuman jsdlgkj 

HETALIA IS BECOMING HARDER AND HARDER TO RESIST (Russia picked my interest.And Hungary is such a cutie and-huuffff) Must.overcome.lazyness.

I'd keep going about games but talking about it later sounds better.My mind is made of walls of text.For now I'll just say Professor Layton is an adorable, sadistic little game , I paid my tongue for not thinking much of TWEWY and Apollo Justice (although naruhobo still gets a jumbo "D:" from me and and must talk about delicious Ema later.It's eerily amusing how I might become just like her minus the delicious),Duel Love is utterly hilarious.

Lacking willpower to dump scribbles and spazz about more mind washing vocaloid music but I shall return.

now off replaying mothers to play mother 3~ 
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